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[I]ntermissions 5 and 6: Gotta Inflate Fast & EGGMAN! YOU JUST POSTED CRINGE!

[I]ntermission 5: Kate and Cat talk about shoulder injuries, Sonic the Hedgehog, animator crunch, Newgrounds, butt rock, Smash 4 camping, and Kermit the Frog. Listen

[I]ntermission 6: Kate, Cat and Austin talk about Sonic. Again. Topics: Sonic<>Knuckles. We take Sonic to the Hague. Kate's new show. Sonic's best lap time around Monaco. Eggman should just log off. Sonadow. ProJared. Chili dogs. "Is Sonic naked without his gloves?" Violent responses to being tickled. "Eep!"

[I]ntermission 4: Homestuck Is Now Legally a Principality

Patreon Exclusive: Nell joins Kate for a loose discussion on the Homestuck Epilogues. Topics: The Dunkin' Donuts timeline. Sollux. Haters. Kate spills a beer on her Gucci gaming mouse, then has an armrest crisis. Anime (forbidden). Breastfeeding. Fascism. Cisnormativity. Katy Perry. Transgender narratives in Homestuck. Intermission accidentally declares war on cis people. Jade' know. Kate Gets Real About Being Non-Binary.

[I]ntermission 2: Michael Trout (w/ Pip)

[Patreon exclusive] Pip joins Kate for some nonsense. Subjects include ten years of this, baseball player crotch, Homestuck's haters, Secily Iopara's origins in the SCP Foundation, characters 'acting OOC' in canon content, conveyance in visual novel games, the Repiton Corporation, and the future of Homestuck.