All in Kate Mitchell

Episode 45: Ghost Butts (w/ Trace)

Kate and Trace talk the sprite companions. Topics: Writing for Friendsim. Vrisrose Day. Epilogue Jane and Nannasprite’s mutual clownery. Rambunctious Crow. Bec and Jadesprite. Self-prototyping. Vriska’s motivations for prototyping Spidermom. Gamzee making things worse. Arquius, the national treasure. Tavris (oh no). Sprites in the epilogues. Mandy Hampton, a West Wing deep cut. What we’d prototype.

Episode 37: Dirk F***ing Strider (w/ Aysha & optimisticDuelist)

Aysha and optimisticDuelist join a grouchy Kate for a roundtable on Dirk Strider. Topics: Misandry. Catharsis. Foreshadowing of Dirk’s descent in Homestuck proper. Terepy Pipes. Ultimate selves. X-Men. Perspectives on Dirkjake. Ikuhara. Transphobia. “Redemption arcs.” Hiveswap Act 2. Tyzias. AU fic. Doc Scratch and misogyny, Whistles: The Starlight Calliope.

Episode 36: I Am Ascending, and It Is Terrible (w/ Cee L. Kyle)

Cee L. Kyle joins Kate to talk about the epilogues, mental health, and our community. Topics: Mob behavior. 4chan. How our actions impact the creation of independent art and survivors of abuse. Kate's personal story of growing up online. Piss Christ. Issues with Homestuck's ending. Sadstuck. The Homestuck Cinematic Universe. Trans narratives. Psychosis. Essentiality. Ownership of characters. Jane. Dirk and self-harm. Vrisrezi. Catharsis. Manic pixie dream girls.