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Episode 45: Ghost Butts (w/ Trace)

Kate and Trace talk the sprite companions. Topics: Writing for Friendsim. Vrisrose Day. Epilogue Jane and Nannasprite’s mutual clownery. Rambunctious Crow. Bec and Jadesprite. Self-prototyping. Vriska’s motivations for prototyping Spidermom. Gamzee making things worse. Arquius, the national treasure. Tavris (oh no). Sprites in the epilogues. Mandy Hampton, a West Wing deep cut. What we’d prototype.

Episode 38: None Gender With Left Beef (w/ Dani & Goomy)

Dani commandeers the show with Goomy to talk growing up Homestuck. Topics: Going outside. Absurdly talented kids. Vast Error. Internalized Homestuckphobia. V*ltron. The internet’s scarier past. Furries. Differing reactions to the epilogue. How our impressions changed over time. Gender and transness. Discrimination in cosplay. What we’d tell our younger selves. The Star Wars European Union.