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[I]ntermission 2: Michael Trout (w/ Pip)

[Patreon exclusive] Pip joins Kate for some nonsense. Subjects include ten years of this, baseball player crotch, Homestuck's haters, Secily Iopara's origins in the SCP Foundation, characters 'acting OOC' in canon content, conveyance in visual novel games, the Repiton Corporation, and the future of Homestuck.

Episode 24: Roxy Is Dummy Smart (w/ Dani)

Dani joins Kate for a character study on Roxy Lalonde. Topics include a new contender for worst intro, alcohol, Void, Kate getting roasted for being old, depictions of motherhood, flawed teenagers and their big teen problems, Rose and Dave, the age-old question “is Homestuck good?", our one shared brain cell, transness through the lens of Homestuck and Roxy’s canon green gf.

Episode 7: The One with James Roach

James Roach, Music and Sound Effects Lead for Hiveswap and composer for Hiveswap, the Friendsims and Homestuck, joins the podcast for a discussion of music in the work and what it’s like being part of the team. Topics include how to paint a portrait of Alternia in sound, Vriscourse, pronouncing Aradia, the future of Hiveswap, clownf**king, and advice for creative careers.