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Episode 45: Ghost Butts (w/ Trace)

Kate and Trace talk the sprite companions. Topics: Writing for Friendsim. Vrisrose Day. Epilogue Jane and Nannasprite’s mutual clownery. Rambunctious Crow. Bec and Jadesprite. Self-prototyping. Vriska’s motivations for prototyping Spidermom. Gamzee making things worse. Arquius, the national treasure. Tavris (oh no). Sprites in the epilogues. Mandy Hampton, a West Wing deep cut. What we’d prototype.

Episode 7: The One with James Roach

James Roach, Music and Sound Effects Lead for Hiveswap and composer for Hiveswap, the Friendsims and Homestuck, joins the podcast for a discussion of music in the work and what it’s like being part of the team. Topics include how to paint a portrait of Alternia in sound, Vriscourse, pronouncing Aradia, the future of Hiveswap, clownf**king, and advice for creative careers.